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Voice over dubbing service tips for best results - Radio / TV commercials - Audio recording services

Voice over dubbing service tips for best results

Tips for Ordering Voice-over Services

Voice-over services are the best solution you can make if you want the message about your business, products, or services to reach a wide or specific audience. However, to achieve the best results, it is crucial to carefully assess and navigate the service ordering process. To ensure a particularly smooth process that guarantees optimal results, consider paying attention to these details.

Trust Text Creation to Professionals

First and foremost, it’s important to discuss the script. It’s great if you already had a clear vision of how the voice-over script should sound from the very beginning. You easily and quickly put together the words that will be voiced, aligning with your intention. However, if you find that arranging the words is challenging or if you simply don’t know where to start, don’t waste time – entrust this work to professionals. Be sure that a unique, distinctive text meeting your needs and expectations will be created. If you need creative and high-quality writing services, you can find more information on our website or contact us directly at

Responsibly Evaluate Word Count

Once you have written the text, responsibly check the word count. Remember that the word count is directly related to the clip’s duration. For example, for a 10-second clip, you can fit up to 20 words; for a 20-second clip, up to 40 words, for a 30-second clip, up to 60 words, and for a 1-minute clip, up to 120 words, and so on.

Importance of Emotions

Thoughtfully consider the emotions that the voices of narrators should express, and don’t forget to specify this in the order form. Remember that each emotion has a specific impact. For example, amazement in a narrator’s voice immediately captivates listeners – regardless of what they are doing, they will immediately pay attention to what is being said. Joy, cheerfulness, and laughter are positive emotions that will uplift and engage those who hear a clip that is narrated in a cheerful and lively manner.

Significance of Contact Information

Don’t forget that audio ads, audio clips, or video clips are much more effective when not only the brand, product, or company name is mentioned but also contact details that allow obtaining more information or ordering a product or service. So, if time allows, these contacts must be mentioned in the text, ideally – several times.

Clarify How Quickly Voice-over Services Will Be Provided

Time is money, and everyone in the business world certainly knows the value of this saying. Therefore, before submitting an order, it is crucial to clarify how quickly voice-over services will be provided and how fast the audio clip or video clip will be ready. While the majority of service providers operate very promptly and aim to ensure the fastest results, it is essential to inquire about the speed of service execution before submitting an order (we work especially quickly – if the chosen narrator is in the studio, the order is fulfilled on the same day).

What Music Should Play?

Before submitting an order, you should also answer another question – what music should play? Think in advance about the genre of music that should be heard. Although there are no restrictions, and you can choose music of any genre that you find suitable, pay attention to certain details: if the advertisement conveys a joyful and especially cheerful emotion, remember that the music should be the same; if the voice sounds solid, preference should be given to relatively monotonous music, without distinctive sound effects.

So, as you can see, before submitting an order, certain homework should be done: prepare the text, responsibly assess the word count and the ratio of clip duration (or simply choose text creation services), evaluate the importance of emotions, mention crucial audio or video clip details and contacts, clarify how quickly voice-over services will be provided, and consider in advance what music should play. - Nemokamas lankytojų skaitliukas