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Advertising sound clip creation services - Radio / TV commercials - Audio recording services

Advertising sound clip creation services

Commercial video creation is a creative process where our team combines creativity, experience, and knowledge to produce persuasive, aesthetic, and memorable advertising clips. These clips can be used on various platforms such as television, radio, websites, social media platforms, and more. This service allows businesses to reach a new audience, strengthen their brand, and improve sales results.

One of the crucial stages in creating an advertising clip is the voiceover for video ads. This means that video ads are complemented with sound, including music, voice, effects, or their combination. Video ad voiceover helps reinforce the message, create an emotional connection with the audience, increase brand recognition, and encourage specific actions.

Video clip creation and voiceover can be done in different ways, depending on the goals, style, and content of the advertising clip.

Our offered services for the creation and voiceover of advertising clips include:

  1. Radio ad creation: Voiceover specifically tailored for radio stations, requiring professional and diverse voices and studio editing skills.
  2. TV ad voiceover: Voiceover for video ads designed for television channels, demanding high-quality sounds and professional voices adapted to the emotion of the advertised product or service. Compliance with television channel standards, such as duration, sound level, format, etc., is also taken into account.
  3. Video ad voiceover: Creation and voiceover services for internet platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and others. Video ad voiceover, especially creation, must be adapted to the needs and behavior of internet users. For example, video ads need to be short, attractive, clear, and include a call to action to encourage viewers to click a link or order a product or service.
  4. IVR (Interactive Voice Response) voiceover service: A service that allows businesses to automate and manage phone call processes through an interactive voice menu system. This is a popular and effective form of customer service and communication.
  5. Voiceover services for other platforms: Voiceover for video ads designed for platforms other than television or the internet, such as cinemas, radio stations, public spaces, or other media platforms. These platforms have their own specific requirements for video ads and their voiceovers.

The creation of advertising clips is a complex and creative process that requires professional knowledge and skills. Our creators can understand the essence of the advertised product or service, analyze the potential audience, create an interesting and impactful message, choose audio elements, coordinate them with the video ad, and ensure high quality and effectiveness.

What is included in our offered services?

By choosing our advertising clip creation services, you can be assured that we will provide:

  1. A thorough analysis of your business goals, audience, and products to create a suitable idea for the advertising clip.
  2. Scenario creation: Our creators will develop an interesting and impactful script that meets your needs and conveys the desired message.
  3. Video ad voiceover: Using professional equipment for high-quality voiceovers in various languages.
  4. Editing and special effects: Advertising clips become unique with professional audio special effects, which we can offer for your clips.
  5. Voice acting: The effectiveness of a clip is significantly influenced by its voiceover. When voicing a clip, we use professional voice actors, suitable music, and sound effects.

Creating advertising clips is an investment in the success and popularity of a product or service. Our edited advertising clips will help attract and convince potential customers, increase sales and profit, promote loyalty and trust, stand out from competitors, and make an impression in the market.

Our recording studio offer voiceover services in the following languages:

Russian, Latvian, Estonian, Italian, Spanish, French, Lithuanian, German, Portuguese, Czech, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Bulgarian, Chinese, Danish, Greek, Turkish, Arabic, Australian English, Swedish, Ukrainian, Norwegian, Serbian, Romanian, Uzbek, Hebrew. - Nemokamas lankytojų skaitliukas